Building websites nowadays are pretty easy as you have many templated DIY platforms like Wix, Wordpress and even Shopify. These platforms are extremely powerful if you know how to use them just like any tool.

There is an understanding that a new profession is rising on using these platforms and passing them as your own. Calling themselves Website Designer as such but have no experience in coding or customising. As we mentioned in our title, just as if we go to Ikea and buy a bunch of cabinets and install them at your house and we call ourselves "Cabinet Makers". So upon choosing your website designer/developer make sure they are the real cabinet makers and not your buy from Ikea kind.

As ISI, we didn't want to use a ready engine that is available like Wordpress. We don't want the limitations of updates and plugins to be our client's issue to thrive in business. Therefore we build our very own Cloud Capsule engine that is versatile and modular enough to work seamlessly with all our self-build plugins and even mobile apps. 

Hope you find this article useful when you would like to build a website for your business!